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If you’re feeling stressed, or stuck, or out-of-sorts, practical neuroscience can help. Wherever you are in life, you can take advantage of cutting-edge neuroscience to improve your energy and focus, elevate your mood, and reduce anxiety, pain and stress. It’s all about understanding how the brain works, and how to modify the activity and neurochemistry of particular neural circuits. Dr. Korb can show you how specific positive life changes cause positive brain changes. Those positive brain changes start making your brain work better for you, your goals and your life.

When you sign up for Dr. Korb’s personal coaching, the path to being happier, healthier and more productive starts with a personal neuroscience consultation. Through regular conversations, Dr. Korb will  help you understand your brain better, and keep you on a path to being your best self. With Dr. Korb’s personal coaching you can take advantage of the best parts of life-coaching combined with recent advances in neuroscience. Contact us today to receive a free ten minute phone consultation with Dr. Korb.


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